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What Is Growth Marketing?


Growth Marketing is the art of applying growth marketing principles to internet marketing. Gartner defines growth marketing as "a hybrid model of selling more of a product at higher prices" This means that companies that understand this methodology can build a successful business while leveraging all available resources to make a profit.


Growth marketing is somewhat different from more traditional marketing as it focuses on the entire product or service life cycle and not just focusing on a single sale or result. It is an important skill to help companies capitalize on new technologies and trends, helping them to grow without being locked into a large number of investments in development and infrastructure.

How does Growth Marketing Help?

Experts define growth marketing as "focusing on creating a brand that is strong enough to capture a customer's total experience with your product or service." The way that this is done is by building a strong brand that is consistent and identifiable, while also providing something unique and "better" than what your competitors are providing. The idea is to "grab" the customer before they have a choice by giving them the best value for their money.


This is why experts believe that the value of this marketing concept is in the ability to provide a high level of customization for every customer so that the company is always "on the lookout" for new opportunities to gain more customers, rather than simply staying in the same position and hoping for the best.

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What Involves In Growth Marketing?


In order to apply these practices to Internet marketing, growth marketers will need to use a variety of online marketing techniques, including social media, SEO, PPC, and mobile platforms. This allows them to leverage their effort to increase visibility on the web while driving qualified traffic to their websites.

Growth marketers can also use viral techniques and pay-per-click strategies to spread the word about their business. As you can see, growth marketing technologies allow a business to expand without spending thousands of dollars on advertising. Instead, growth marketers can use simple methods such as viral videos, social media, and SEO to drive qualified traffic to their business websites and gain free internet marketing strategies!

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We can help with creating a branding plan, designing campaigns, providing corporate identity development, implementing marketing strategies, training and developing new talent.

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